Wing Chun

For 18 years, California Academy of Martial Arts has been Los Angeles’ foremost Chinese Kung Fu school. We offer Wing Chun classes and Shaolin Kung Fu classes to students of all ages. Our martial arts school is conveniently located in Burbank near Toluca Lake and Studio City. Call (818) 843-7916 today to RSVP for your trial class and consultation.

We offer day and evening group classes, as well as private training 7 days a week. Beginners, novice and advanced are all welcome to join us. The focus of our martial arts training is Wing Chun Kung Fu. We also offer many other programs that suit everyone’s needs including Choy Li Fut, Weapons, Tai Chi Chuan, Martial Arts for Children, Teen Kung Fu and Kickboxing.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu Program


Our Wing Chun Program offers students the finest and most authentic Kung Fu training available. We teach the complete authentic Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu System without the modified ways. What you will learn here comes directly from the lineage and blood line of the Yim Wing Chun Family Tree. If you want to learn the original, authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu, this is your school. We teach all the forms of Wing Chun, the complete Butterfly Knives set, 8 foot pole, Chi Sau, Wooden Dummy, Combat Sparring and more. All certifications go through Hong Kong and the Ving Tsun Athletic Association. Certificates are signed by Ip Chun and Ip Ching, the sons of Ip Man.

Our Chief Instructor Sifu Todd Tei is an internationally famous instructor who has students that come to train with him from all over the world including Hong Kong, Egypt, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Canada.

Training at the academy consists of day and evening classes Monday through Sunday – 7 days a week– more than any other school! Private training is also available daily.

Sifu Tei’s video series covers the Wing Chun System with 5 videos released from T.C. Media for Qiqong Wushu Kung Fu Magazine. DVDs can be ordered through Sifu Tei or through the Magazine.

Executive Private Martial Arts Classes

We are Los Angeles’ preferred martial arts school for entertainment industry clients. Actors, directors, stunt coordinators and performers regularly enroll with us to learn martial arts for their film and television projects. We are conveniently located next to Warner Bros. and Disney studios in Burbank.

Special Women’s Self Defense (Rape Awareness and Prevention)

Both our group and private training programs cover all aspects of how a woman can defend herself from a realistic street attack. Many different scenarios are simulated so you can be prepared if this should happen to you. All aspects of multiple attackers, armed assailants and parking lot or home invasion situations are reproduced giving the student heightened awareness skills and defensive tactics. In a real world situation, many times there is no one there to help you, the attacker is stronger than you and without training you won’t know what you can do. What can you do? With practice all your questions will be answered.

Kickboxing Program

Programs15The gym is boring — Cardio Kickboxing is fun! Lose weight and stay in shape. Private fitness training is also available. Defend yourself and gain the benefits of a strong, firm body.


Tai Chi Chuan Program

Programs13Our Tai Chi program covers both the famous Yang Style and the lesser-known, more combative Chen style. This program will help you relax, relieve yourself of the daily stress inevitable in today’s fast-paced world, and stimulate the many parts of your body that lack attention such as the digestive system, meridian system and circulatory system. Focusing on making your body function and operate in a healthy manner and relaxing to the mind, Tai Chi offers benefits many other Martial Arts cannot. We offer private Tai Chi lessons Friday, Saturday and Sunday with limited spots available. Call today to schedule your trial class.

Jeet Kune Do Concepts

Bruce_YipJeet Kune Do, or ” The Way of the Intercepting Fist” was a concept popularized by Bruce Lee because he felt the Martial Arts were too confined.  ”You can’t fight in a pattern,” he used to say, “because an attack can be baffling and not refined”. In this class you will learn how to combine many Martial Arts Systems into your fighting structure with your foundation of Wing Chun just as Bruce Lee did.


Shaolin Kung Fu Program

In our Shaolin Program we teach many forms of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu as well as other Kung Fu Styles from the famous Shaolin Temple. We also teach the many Weapons Sets of Shaolin, including the Staff, Butterfly Knives, 3 Sectional Staff, Chinese Broadsword, and Nunchakus as well as the Eskrima Sticks of Filipino Martial Arts. (All weapons forms and applications are currently available on Sifu Tei’s Volume 4 Video of Weapons and Wooden Dummy)

 Special Private Training Programs for Out of State or Local Students

Programs12_000Many of Sifu Tei’s students fly to Burbank California to train with Sifu Tei for weeks at a time or weekends. Sifu Tei has an active student list in Alex Egypt, Kloten Switzerland, Tokyo Japan, the Netherlands and England.
Private training for local or out of State Students can be arranged by calling Sifu Tei’s school at (818) 843-7916.